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Agricultural Council of Arkansas

Who We Are

The Agricultural Council of Arkansas is a member driven, non-profit organization.

Our membership is comprised of farmers, landowners, and agricultural related businesses serving Arkansas farmers.

We, as a group, were organized to tell the story of row crop agriculture in Arkansas, advocate on behalf of farmers and agriculture businesses, and grow the economies of the communities around us.

We are committed to advancing the interests of Arkansas's row-crop agriculture industry.

Our membership is our strength!

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Our Sponsors

We thank our sponsors for their commitment to supporting our mission to strengthen and grow the agriculture industry of Arkansas.

Sponsorship support is critical to our effort!

What We Do


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Land Stewardship

Farmers are active environmentalists focused on land stewardship and sustainability. To sustain a farm operation, farmers must ensure that their land is able to produce a high value crop each year.

Maintaining farmland and farming operations from generation to generation is the universal goal. We are in constant pursuit of improved efficiency and productivity.

Maintaining healthy soils, sustainable water supplies, and clean air is elemental to successful farming.

We are the only organization in the state that strictly represents the row crop industry, and we serve an important role for our members and their businesses. This organization gives us a strong and united voice among policy makers at the State Capitol and in Washington. - Herrick Norcross, Ag Council President 2012-2013 – producer, Tyronza, Ark

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